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DC's Real Whitetail Antler

Dog Chews & Toys ©


Real whitetail antlers are a great all-natural product for training your dog to shed hunt or as a great alternative to raw-hides! We offer whole uncut antlers, as well as cut antler chews.




DCR's Antler Dog Chews are  


More available after February 15th, 2015. Taking orders for new dog chews now. Order yours before they are sold out!!




Benefits of Dragon Creek's Real Whitetail Antler Dog Chews & Toys:

 1.  Antlers have a unique flavor that dogs go absolutely CRAZY for!

 2.  Antlers last much longer than raw-hides.

 3.  Antlers don't splinter like typical bones do.

 4.  Antlers contain Calcium, Collagen, Iron, Glucosamine, Magnesium,  Phosphorus & Potassium as well as many other important nutrients that your dog needs to stay healthy.

 5.  Antlers help in removing Tatar from your dogs teeth, which helps in whitening their teeth & tooth decay. Less dental visits!



WHOLE  ANTLER - The whole uncut antlers are great for shed hunt training! They retain the natural deer smell, unlike cut antlers which can give off a "burnt" smell.

SMALL -  for $10


MEDIUM -  for $15


LARGE -  for $20




CUT  ANTLER  PIECES (see size descriptions below)


SIZE  DESCRIPTIONS: Please DO NOT forget that the breed of your dog is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to know so that I can appropriately judge what size pieces to safely send your dog.

SMALL:  $10 (for Jack Russell sized dogs or dogs up to 20 lbs) the cut antler is approximately 1 inch in diameter & 5 inches long. NOT for medium or larger dogs due to swallowing risk.

MEDIUM:  $15 (for Corgi sized dogs or dogs 20 lbs to 40 lbs) the cut antler is approximately 1 to 2  inches in diameter & 8 inches long.

LARGE:  $20 (for Lab sized dogs or dogs 40 lbs to 70 lbs) the cut antler is approximately 2 to 3 inches in diameter & 10 inches long.

X-LARGE:  $25 (for Great Dane sized dogs or dogs over 70 lbs) the antler is approximately 3-4 inches in diameter & 12 inches long or longer depending on the breed.



ANTLER  PULL  TOY - 1 to 3 cut antler pieces with knotted rope through each piece. Great for tug of war! (No picture available at this time)

SMALL: Sorry, we do not offer pull toys for the smaller dog due to antler weakening after drilling & a possible choking hazard.

MEDIUM:  1 cut medium sized antler pieces for $15

LARGE:  1 cut large sized antler pieces for $20

X-LARGE: 2 cut large sized antler pieces for $25


IMPORTANT  NOTE: We normally DO NOT remove the natural sharp point to the antler. However, if you would like us to slightly round or remove the sharpest part of the antler, we will do so at NO EXTRA COST. Just let me know when ordering.

REMEMBER: Just like the antlers themselves,  the antler(s) that you receive may differ in color & shape. SIZES WILL VARY.

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET to tell me the breed of your dog!!!! This helps when determining what size chew to keep your dog safe!!




~  ALWAYS supervise your dog when giving Dragon Creek's Real Antler Dog Chews & Toys!

~  Antler must be appropriately sized to prevent possible swallowing or choking. When in doubt, go a size bigger...the bigger the better & it will last longer.

~  Do not allow your dog OR CHILD to swallow them or break them.

~  Antlers get smaller after awhile. Please replace the antler once it creates a choking hazard for your dog.

~  Dragon Creek's Real Antler Dog Chews & Toys are 100% natural whitetail antler & are very hard! They can break a dogs teeth if chewed too aggressively!


Dragon Creek Ranch disclaims any liability for pet problems due to your dogs natural instincts, the failure to supervise your dog or the animals aggressive behavior. Please ensure you have an antler for every dog, and one big enough for your largest dog.






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