Trophy Class Whitetails


At Dragon Creek Ranch, we have hundreds of continuous acres that will be open to you and your hunting party during your professionally guided whitetail hunt. Regardless of the size deer you are after, you will get the chance to hunt our very large and intensely managed high-fenced ranch that contains some of the biggest bodied and largest antlered whitetails in North America. We will provide you with a first-class hunting experience.

             Big buck standing in open meadow


Dragon Creek Ranch is strictly limited to only a few mature trophy whitetail deer hunts per season and are subject to availability. We suggest booking early to reserve your spot.



Trophy Whitetail Deer


Within our managed high fenced ranch, we are able to completely control the age, genetics and the harvest rate. This results in mature and very large whitetails with superior genetics.This is quality deer management at its best! These deer can often times be very illusive and in some cases, hard to find. You will see deer ranging in age from yearlings to 5 years and also see racks of all sizes, including some that top 290 inches! We let these deer reach their full potential before we allow them to be harvested.


Trophy buck standing in the timber 



It is not uncommon to see multiple monster whitetails while sitting in our hunting blinds, along with enjoying some of the best scenery that North Dakota has to offer.


High racked buck standing on hillside


 Various Hunting Methods: Which include your choice of heated box blinds, pop-up blinds and tree stands for your hunting comfort. We also offer spot and stalk hunts if you are looking for more of a challenge.

  • Dragon Creek Ranch's goal is to give our hunting guess the best huting exerience of his or her lifetime. Dragon Creek Ranch DOES NOT offer GUARANTEED KILLS for WHITETAIL DEER!  Our guide's take their job very seriously with 100% sucsess rate they will make every effort to get you within range for a clean and ethical shot.
  • Food Plots: We have over 100 acres of food plots scattered throughout the ranch.
  • Transportation to and from local airports: We will pick you up and drop you off at the Hector International Airport in Fargo, ND, which is about 70 miles from the ranch.
  • Choice of weapon: You can choose any form of weapon for your hunt including; rifle, handgun, compound bow, crossbow, shotgun, muzzleloader, etc No license is required to hunt at Dragon Creek Ranch


Don’t worry about shooting the wrong deer, your guide will help you judge the maturity of your trophy whitetail deer in the field. At Dragon Creek Ranch, we go the extra mile to give you that truly World Class Hunting Experience!


Trophy buck bedded in woods


~  Items To Bring  ~


  • Rifle: NOTHING less than a .243 rifle  ~  zeroed in at 100 yards AT Dragon Creek Ranch
  • Handgun, shotgun or muzzleloader
  • Compound Bow or Crossbow
  • Optics (Especially Binoculars) & Hunting Supplies
  • Hunting Attire - Camo Gear & Warm Clothing
  • Personal Items; Soap, Shampoo, ect.


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