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Here at Dragon Creek Ranch, we try to make it a family affair. Butch has lived in North Dakota his whole life and is an avid hunter and experienced guide for the area. He has an extreme passion for the whitetail deer and he has been studying these animals for many years. He started farming this area and raising cattle with his family since he was about 5-years-old.


 Deer Hunting Ranch


My name is Deb and I mainly grew up in Bloomington, MN until my adult life when I moved to Houston, TX. I later moved to Clyde Park, MT where I had my first taste of the ranching life...and loved it. I then moved to Lisbon, ND in the summer of 1999 where I met and later married Butch. I now help with the haying on the farm as much as possible in the summer months as well as owning and operating Dragon Creek Grooming. I am also the housekeeper and cook for the ranch.


Big Buck


We have 2 children. Our son helps a lot with the video editing and the editing of the website. Our daughter is a hunter in training! She is the "Blood Tracking Expert" for the ranch and she does a great job!

We are all MAJOR animal lovers and we have 3 inside dogs; Ava is our Jack Russell and Lemmi and Ana are our Cojacks. We also have 2 outside dogs as well; Lucy is our yellow lab and Stewie is our male Cojack. We also have an outdoor cat named Garfield & a horse named Brooke. All of which will be happy to meet you!


 Dragon Creek Hunting Ranch


Both Butch & I would like to personally thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.

We look forward to meeting you!



6379 123rd Ave SE
Lisbon, ND 58054
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